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Our Network 

Honey Productions was founded in 2012 due to divine inspiration to provide quality, yet virtuous media products to our clients locally and abroad. BeeTV Network is one of the many media outlets HP provides that accomplish the goal through dynamic marketing skills and gainful partnerships. We will continuously innovate and evolve into a global brand that caters to the existing demand for tv content that produces and promotes community growth and development.
BeeTV Network is an established component of Honey Productions and a full-service multi-media company —which features our newly developed mainstream component, BeeTV33. 

Our Value Proposition 

The primary focus of BeeTV Network values bringing the voice of the people to “Life” by introducing innovative and unique television shows as an alternative to mainstream TV. BeeTV featured shows are created and produced by talented, independent media professionals, who provide shows with high levels of social awareness, divine inspiration, and uncommon entertainment.

Our Mission 

The overall mission is to bring back quality, family-friendly television content that the whole family can enjoy at any time. Our goal is to serve as a mainstream media resource that promotes community development through morning shows, tv series, sports shows, and informative and transformational news coverage.


Be Supportive. 
Be a part of the solution. 

Be a part of the team by tuning into our channeling home, BetTV33.

Meet April Ross

The personality behind Honey Productions, "Honey have you heard?", April Ross Show, BeeTV Network, BeeTV33, and other multi-media productions.


April Ross continues her journey to build a dynamic multi-media production company that attracts audiences, builds and educates communities, and develops thriving partnerships in the media production industry. April is the CEO of Honey Productions, owner of BeeTV33 —formally TV33, and the dominant news personality of BeeTV Network. 

April is a talk show host and media executive who is best known for The April Ross Show where she openly engage, network, and support her audience through her powerful media personality. 

Join April as she embark on an ever-evolving journey of multi-media production and news broadcasting via BeeTV33 Network. 

CEO | Multi-Media Network Producer 


Staff Overview 

Meet the Staff

BeeTV33 Network's staff works diligently to manage our tv station to currate the necessary tasks behind the scenes to keep our network steered towards evolving into the new direction our multi-media network company. 

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