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BeeTV Sports is a key component of our network that provides highlights and coverage for 11 different counties. We understand that our area has top athletes that deserve to be supported, represented, and acknowledged for the talents that they contribute to our local schools. 

We thank the Pivot Fund for their contribution towards BeeTV Sports for choosing our media outlet and granting the ooportunity to hire an Executive Sports Director to be an asses to the sports division of our network.  

Our Sports Director 

We welcome Kevin Eckleberry as out Executive Sports Director of BeeTV33 Network. 

Kevin Eckleberry

With nearly 3 decades of covering sports, highlighting kids in the community, Kevin has interviewed countless coaches. Eckleberry returns to the field to cover community sports with BeeTV33 network. 

Kevin pivots our sports division effortlessly and shifts the news coverage to equally highlight and update our audience with sports coverage within our local schools. 

Exclusive Article

Kevin Eckleberry

When Kevin Eckleberry arrived in LaGrange in 2002, he suspected it would be another temporary stop during what had been to that point a hectic professional journey. During the first 10 years of his journalism career after graduating from Georgia Southern University, Kevin had moved from town to town, not ready to settle down anywhere, and he didn’t figure that would change when he became the sports editor of the LaGrange Daily News in August of 2002.

Sometimes life has other plans, though.


As time passed, Kevin realized how special this community is, and he and his wife Julie with young daughter Rachel in tow decided LaGrange was where they wanted to be. So here we are, more than 20 years later, and Kevin is still going strong, sharing the local sports news with people in the community.

Kevin enjoys telling stories, and being the BeeTV Sports Director gives him different ways to do that, whether it’s through a daily free online newsletter, a weekly interview show called “Kevin’s Corner”, or through the BeeTV Sports Facebook page where the community members can keep up with everything going on in the local sports world. If you follow the BeeTV Sports Facebook page, you can find live sports coverage, updates on games, photos, interviews with coaches and players, and much more.


Kevin is passionate about community sports, and he loves sharing the accomplishments of the athletes and coaches who sacrifice so much to be the best they can be. Kevin is committed to making BeeTV Sports the go-to source for sports in this community, and he is very excited about what the future holds. 

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